Toro Lynx Smart Hub

Lynx Smart Hub

Optional Lynx Smart Hub combines the simplicity of a 2-wire system with the added security of a traditional satellite system

  • Irrigation system can be segmented into manageable sreas for simplified maintenance

  • Provides for in-field manual operation or troubleshooting

  • Stores and runs a fully flow managed irrigation schedule even if the central computer in off line

  • Creates a convenient point of connection for soil, flow and status sensors

The innovative and convenient Lynx® Smart Hub is part of the Lynx GDC 2-wire control system. The Lynx Smart Hub is a new type of fi eld controller that adds security, programmability and sensing to the benefits and simplicity of a two-wire system to optimize golf course irrigation operations. 

This adaptable field controller has flexible installation
options that include a local or remote pedestal or wall mount and wireless or optional wired two-way communication. The communication system has a range of up to two miles, allowing for road crossings and phased irrigation projects, and provides a simple way to distribute intelligence as a controller for multiple golf holes.

Two-wire technology enables operators to control up
to 1,000 sprinklers per hub and 250 sprinklers per wire path. The Lynx Smart Hub stores and runs a fully low managed irrigation schedule, while creating a point of connection for soil, flow and status sensors.


Maintenance and troubleshooting are simplified due to the dispersion of holes within the two-wire system. This enables localized fault analysis that does not interfere with other holes. The Lynx Smart Hub can also be fitted with a repeater for use with Turf Guard® wireless
soil sensors.

Lynx® Central:
- Mapping capabilities, Remote hand-held operation,
Weather station integration, Pump station integration
• Enhanced diagnostics:
- Communication, Electrical shorts/opens, Solenoid check
• Maximum number of gateways:
- 9 per system Lynx Smart Hub
• Maximum number of decoders per wire path: - 250
• Maximum stations per gateway: - 1000 Lynx Smart Hub
• Maximum stations per system: - 9000 Lynx Smart Hub
• Input power:
- 88-264 V ac, 50/60 Hz
• Output Power:
- Output voltage: 40 V ac max
- Output power: 75 VA max
• ISP 2-wire modules are rated at 20 KV surge protection
• 2-Wire modules wiring: 14 awg
• Simultaneous stations per output board: - 100
• Maximum distance from central to module
(using 14 gauge wire): 2.6 miles
• Maximum distance from module to sprinkler
(using 14 gauge wire): 400 ft.
• Solenoids per output: 2 DCLS-P
• Stations per module: 1, 2 or 4

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