Toro GDC - 2 Wire Decoder

The Toro GDC System uses innovative technology to provide an irrigation solution to customers who want a safe, reliable and energy efficient system. Using a two-wire path to communicate to buried control units, the system eliminates the costs associated with traditional valve wire bundles and provides a solution that is vandal resistant, easy to install and easy to expand.

Works With Toro Lynx

Toro Integrated Decoder Head - FLEX Version

Lower Costs With Flexible Configurations
GDC Systems can be configured with the decoders located in valve boxes outside of the playing area for easy access and lower cost, or with the decoder integrated with the sprinkler to reduce wire and splices.

Less System Downtime With Integrated Surge
Protection (ISP) ISP decoders are rated at 20 KV surge protection - the highest in the industry. In some of the most active lightning areas of the world, the GDC provides rock-solid performance

Easily Expandable Up To 6400 Stations
Whether you have 100, 800 or 6400 stations, the GDC system will meet your needs and can be expanded by simply adding decoders.

Station-based Flow Management
Reduces nighttime water window and optimizes pump efficiency. Central irrigation programs are available from the hand held radio for manual watering

Central Control
Lynx Central Control is both powerful and easy to use.

Built-in diagnostics automatically let you know if there are any problems. 
The wire path check quickly confirms that the whole system is operational.
Integrated Sprinkler Toro valve-in-head sprinkler models have an integrated decoder option



• Lynx Central:
- Mapping capabilities
- Remote hand-held operation
- Weather station integration
- Pump station integration

• Enhanced diagnostics:
- Communication
- Electrical shorts/opens
- Solenoid check

• No holding power required to operate stations

• Decoder identification is a unique 5-character address

• Standalone option (GDC200)

• Maximum number of wire paths: - 4 per gateway, 16 per system
• Maximum number of gateways:- 4 per system
• Maximum number of decoders per wire path:- 250
• Maximum stations per gateway: - 1000 integrated - 1600 off fairway
• Maximum stations per system:- 4000 integrated
- 6400 off fairway
• Simultaneous stations per output board:- 100
• Maximum distance from central to decoder
(using 14 gauge wire): 2.6 miles
• Maximum distance from decoder to sprinkler (using 14 gauge wire): 400 ft.
• Solenoids per output: 2 DCLS-P
• Stations per decoder: 1, 2 or 4

• Input power:- 88-264 V ac, 50/60 Hz
• Output Power:- Output voltage: 40 V ac max- Output power: 75 VA max - Class 2, SELV
• ISP decoders are rated at 20 KV surge protection
• Decoder wiring: 14 awg

• Operating Temperature: 32º F to 140º F
• Storage temperature: -22º F to 212º F

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